Suntec Singapore

Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Suntec Singapore understands that ESG is vital to who we are as an organisation. As ‘The Preferred Place to Meet’, we operate our business ethically; bearing in mind the need for environmental sustainability and enriching the lives of the local community. These three simple philosophies guide us in our decision making and how we plan and deliver our business strategies.

The Centre recognises that the health of our business correlates positively with the environment we live in. To play our part in conserving the environment, we implemented sustainable features in our building during the modernisation project in 2012. This optimises the running of our Centre as well as the reduction of our carbon footprint. We value the importance of educating our staff and the community on sustainable living for the well-being of our Planet and to preserve it for our future generation.

We champion the need to be Good Corporate Citizens. As we grow our organization, we have stepped up our efforts to contribute more meaningfully to the local community. The Centre is committed in our drive to give back to society and we will continue to harness our skills and knowledge to enrich the lives of our community. To pay it forward, we have partnered various non-profit organisations to provide our venue for charitable events. We encourage and cultivate the spirit of volunteerism in our staff and valued partners.

Our Code of Conduct is ingrained in every employee to ensure that we administer our business respectfully and responsibly. These areas include workplace safety and health, work-life balance, human rights, conflict of interest and whistle-blowing.

We also understand the importance of protecting the privacy of employees and valued partners in this digital age. We provide safeguards to protect sensitive information especially about personal data. The Centre ensures that we abide by all PDPA rules and regulations in Singapore.

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