Suntec Singapore




At Suntec Singapore, our employees are focal to our business. We strive to be the preferred place to work through our initiatives and development of our employees.

·       Developing our talents

Suntec Singapore emphasises on developing our talents, career building and upskilling. We champion lateral movement, job rotation and internal promotion as it helps employees broaden their experience and aid in their career progression.  

Our dedicated HR team finds opportunities for our staff to upskill themselves through workshops and courses. Continuous learning is important in ensuring that we are up to date with the latest trends and technology to create a seamless customer experience.

·       Rewards and Recognition

Suntec Singapore offers a competitive remuneration package for our employees. We incentivised our staff based on their performance with a fixed and variable pay component.

We have a structured grading system and provide opportunities for staff to progress based on their performance and capabilities. We conduct both a mid-year and end of the year appraisal review to help our staff gauge their performance.

·       Diversity and Inclusion

Suntec Singapore is an inclusive employer. We have a diverse group of employees and we do not discriminate against any ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, education and religion. We respect and appreciate our employees for who they are and will continue to hire people without prejudice.

·       Volunteerism
We advocate and inculcate a spirit of volunteerism in our employees. The Centre supports employees who take time off work to help the vulnerable and marginalised in society. Periodically, employees are also encouraged to make contributions in kind for charitable events. Refer to charities for more information. 

·       Health & Well-Being

The health and well-being our of employees is important to us. The Centre incorporates an employee centric model in our business to ensure that they have a great and conducive working environment. Employees are offered flexi-hours, so that they can spend more time with their loved ones or do what they love. They are also entitled to free medical care at appointed clinics and covered under general insurance.


Suntec Singapore supports various charities and non-profit organisations in Singapore. As our organisation grows, we believe that we should never rest on our laurels and must continue to contribute economically and socially back to the community.

Suntec Singapore supports:

·      Yellow Ribbon Project

·      Tana River Life Foundation

·      The Purple Parade

·      Brainy Car Rally

·      Toy Buffet


Suntec Singapore is an avid supporter of the art scene in Singapore. Over the years, we have provided our venue for art festivals and events to showcase talents locally and regionally. We will continue to champion art showcases to provide a platform for artists to be seen and heard. In 2018, Suntec Singapore was awarded the Friends of the Arts Award by the National Art Council. 

Suntec Singapore supports:

·       Intercultural Theatre Institute

·       NS50: From My Generation to Yours – Art Exhibition