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Suntec Study FAQs


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+ How Do I Book A Desk?

  1. Go to
  2. Select a date up to 7 days in advance.
  3. If the desk is available, click book now.
  4. Select a time slot up to 8 hours for your booking.
  5. Fill out the form provided.
  6. Read the terms and conditions before clicking continue.
  7. A pending invoice will be sent to the email provided.
  8. Once a Suntec Singapore representative has checked your booking information, a reserved invoice will be sent to the email as confirmation.
  9. Please remember to bring along your student ID for verification purposes on the day of your booking.

+ When is Suntec Study Available?

Suntec Study is available from Mondays to Fridays, 10:00pm - 6:00am.

+ Is there a Booking Fee?

Available study desks are free for students from the approved list of schools during the operational hours of Suntec Study.

+ How do I Cancel my Booking?

Please refer to the pending/reserved invoice email and click on the cancel button.

+ How Many Students Can a Shared Table Accommodate?

The shared table can accommodate up to 4 students. Please note that all students present must have a valid student ID from the approved list of schools. Suntec Singapore reserves the right to turn away students who do not conform to our terms & conditions.

+ What If I Forget to Bring My Student ID?

Suntec Singapore will turn away students who are not able to present a valid Student ID during the time of booking. The ID is for security verification purposes therefore, the Centre will not accept digital or photocopied student IDs.

+ Do You Accept Walk-Ins?

Only students with a valid online booking will be allocated a study desk. Suntec Singapore does not accept walk-ins.

+ Where Do I Check-In?

Students will only be able to enter Suntec Singapore via The Big Picture entrance. This entrance is located at the pick-up/drop-off point of Suntec Singapore. Take the escalator to level 3 and look for the personnel sitting at the concierge to check-in.

+ Can I Bring My Own Food & Drinks?

Suntec Singapore has a strict no outside food and drinks policy. Students can purchase food and drinks from our 24-hour VendCafe situated on level 3.

+ Can I Leave My Belongings on The Table to Use the Restroom?

Though Suntec Singapore is equipped with CCTV within the Centre, it is advised that students take their belongings with them while using the restroom.