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Level 1

The largest HD LED screen in the world welcomes you as you alight at the Suntec Singapore driveway. The screen displays unique interactive content to complement the events being held in Suntec Singapore, product positioning and public service information to enhance the experience as visitors enter our convention centre.

Express escalators take you on a 32-second journey to our reception area on Level 3. All spaces within the centre are equipped with centralised state-of-the-art lighting and climate control.

3,100 parking spaces are available via our carpark entrance at the end of our driveway.

VIP carparks are conveniently located along the driveway.

Easy access to Suntec City Mall and public transportation.

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The Big Picture
664 55"LED HD screens

Integrated with the Suntec City Shopping Mall



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We excel in customising experiences to evolving needs through
creative planning by accomplished professionals
We ensure that every event is smoothly adapted and seamlessly
executed creating a successful and memorable experience