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Level 2

 Level 2_Escalator

The Crescent
The Crescent, a unique curved hall on Level 2, offers a great opportunity for art exhibitions, product launches, specialised trade shows and consumer events.

A wide range of dining choices are on offer. Our in-house culinary teams combine fresh ingredients and expertise in our state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, to offer over 1,000 dishes to complement every occasion.

12 elevators and 24 escalators connect this space seamlessly with other floors in this unique, vertically-stacked convention and exhibition centre.

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2,100 m² hall

Free WiFi

Integrated with the Suntec City Shopping Mall

CCTV coverage


The Preferred Place to Meet

We excel in customising experiences to evolving needs through
creative planning by accomplished professionals
We ensure that every event is smoothly adapted and seamlessly
executed creating a successful and memorable experience