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This is the download repository containing all information for planners, event organisers and third party suppliers.

Digital Brochures
  Crystals-on-4 Digital Brochures
  Free High-speed WiFi Digital Brochures
  Bacardi Bar Digital Brochures
  Summit Suite Digital Brochures
  Chinese Banquet Menus Digital Brochures
  AGM Packages Digital Brochures
  Cocktail Reception Menus Digital Brochures
  All-in Meeting Packages Digital Brochures
  Western Set Menus Digital Brochures
  Buffet Lunch and Dinner Menus Digital Brochures
  2016 Year-end Celebrations Digital Brochures
  Lunar New Year 2017 Menus Digital Brochures
Service Offerings
  AV Services Service Offerings
  Business Centre Services Service Offerings
  Floral & Landscaping Offerings Service Offerings
  Furniture Rental Services Service Offerings
  Manpower Services Service Offerings
  Parking Services Service Offerings
  Utilities Services Service Offerings
Media Offerings
  Suntec Singapore Media Solutions Media Offerings
Application Forms
  AF-1 Animals in Centre Permit Applications Form
  AF-2 Balloons in Centre Permit Applications Form
  AF-3 Car Parking (VIP Lots - Driveway) Applications Form
  AF-4 Car Parking (Service Vehicle Lots) Applications Form
  AF-5 Distribution of Promotional Materials Permit Applications Form
  AF-6 Erecting of Temporary Registration Counters Permit Applications Form
  AF-7 Flammable, Smoke Emitting Equipment / Materials Permit Applications Form
  AF-8 Food & Beverage Sampling Permit Applications Form
  AF-9 Fuelled Motor Vehicle Exhibits Permit Applications Form
  AF-10 Lasers / Hazardous Materials Permit Applications Form
  AF-11 Pyrotechnic Display Permit Applications Form
  AF-12 Satellite Dish Placement Permit Applications Form
  AF-13 Signage / Poster Placement Permit Applications Form
  AF-14 Utilisation of Common Area (Within the Centre) Permit Applications Form
  AF-15 Wireless Equipment Permit Applications Form
Customer's Ordering Forms
  Exhibition Booth Catering Order Form Customer Order Form
  IT & Telecommunications Order Form Customer Order Form
Accredited Contractors
  Accredited Contractors List Accredited Contractors List
Approving Licensing Authorities
  Approving Licensing Authorities List Approving Licensing Authorities List
Floor Plans
  General Floor Plans (All Levels) General Floor Plans (All Levels)
  Technical Floor Plans (All Levels) Part 1 Technical Floor Plans (All Levels)
  Level 2 Technical Floor Plans Level 2 Technical Floor Plans
  Level 3 Technical Floor Plans Level 3 Technical Floor Plans
  Level 4 Technical Floor Plans Level 4 Technical Floor Plans
  Level 6 Technical Floor Plans Level 6 Technical Floor Plans
  Level 7 Technical Floor Plans Level 7 Technical Floor Plans

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