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Suntec International is well placed with its 18 years of venue management expertise and keen customer knowledge in Asia to offer a range of services that will enhance the success of venues under construction as well as currently operating venues.

We provide personalised, one-on-one consultation in understanding your project needs. We provide data-based analysis and intellectually honest proposals. We facilitate, where necessary, by connecting the best in the trade to work on your project so as to ensure quality input and output.

Venues embarking on this model will have to adhere to the same stringent standards that have made Suntec the reputed brand it is today.


Venue Management
Suntec International will draw on Suntec Singapore’s knowledge to provide venue management expertise. Ranging from operational and logistical solutions to people flow systems and catering solutions, Suntec International will provide information on best practices and offer innovative and cutting-edge technologies to ensure a top notch product for the customer.

Franchising and Brand Transfer
Suntec International will allow its clients the opportunity to utilise the Suntec name. This is the first time ever that a MICE player has provided the prospect for other venues to “piggyback” onto its brand name through a brand transfer or franchising model. Lending a well known name that has already established its mark in the industry will afford venues an instant leg up on the competition and grant it the many possibilities through a recognised quality seal.

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