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Corporate Identity

logo-400px       Pantone         For any usage of the entity name not covered, please contact Suntec Singapore's Marketing & Communications for further verification at marcoms@suntecsingapore.com.

Usage of Names 'Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre' is the full name of the entity and is to be strictly used in all circumstances. Exceptions to this rule are stated below:

Printed matter The full name 'Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre' should always be quoted in full upon the first mention of the organisation. Subsequently, it will then be appropriate to refer to the entity as Suntec Singapore.

Broadcast On Radio broadcasts, the entity should be strictly referred to as Suntec Singapore unless otherwise stated. On Television broadcasts, the full name 'Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre' should be quoted and listed at all times.

Mentions Within the premises or its own vicinity, the entity can be referred to as Suntec Singapore. At all times when the entity's name is mentioned outside its own premises. it should be quoted in full as 'Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre'.

Endorsement The name 'Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre' should always be quoted in full in all endorsements.

Our corporate identity has been revitalised to reflect Suntec Singapore's evolution.

We have a new name: Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We have a new, more auspicious logo to represent Suntec Singapore.

There are many layers of symbolism incorporated into our logo to represent what makes us the Preferred Place to Meet:

  • An evolution of Suntec Singapore into a futuristic centre built on a solid foundation and values.
  • A compass that provides guidance and welcomes organisations from all four corners of the world.
  • A lotus flower  representing purity, enlightenment and rebirth, which reflects the transformational journey that Suntec Singapore is embarking on.
  • Suntec Singapore, our partners, our clients and their delegates coming together at the same time for an event.


The Preferred Place to Meet

We excel in customising experiences to evolving needs through
creative planning by accomplished professionals
We ensure that every event is smoothly adapted and seamlessly
executed creating a successful and memorable experience