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Energy Efficiency:

We are commited to optimising the level of energy usage with the installation of our brand new centralised chiller plant. According to the National Environment Agency’s benchmarking, Suntec Singapore’s energy efficiency is expected to be rated within the bracket of Excellent with a consumption of 0.62 KW/Rton from 1.08KW/Rton previously.

We have also done away with gas cooking in our kitchens. By shifting from gas to induction cooking, we are not only more energy-efficient, but we also lessen the heat generated in our kitchens, reducing the cooling measures needed to keep the building at an optimum temperature.

Environmental Protection:

We  have been working with locally-based company Alpha Biofuels to give urban waste a new lease of life as a form of sustainable energy, and to reduce our waste vegetable cooking oil into green biodiesel fuel.

As part of our waste disposal and recycling efforts, we have partnered with Sembcorp Environmental Management to make sure that the waste collected from our venue is treated in a specially-designed recycling process, which enables a higher amount of recyclable materials to be extracted from the waste.

Water Efficiency:

Only water fittings certified as “Excellent” and “Very Good”, in accordance with Singapore’s Public Utility Board Water Efficiency Labeling scheme (PUB WELS), have been installed within our Centre. Automatic sensor taps and automatic sensor flushing allow for greater efficiency savings on dispensed water within our restrooms, thus helping to manage waster wastage accordingly.

Other green features and innovation

Our building is equipped with an Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) that is programmed to independently manage Suntec Singapore’s building’s ecosystem such as our lighting and air-conditioning systems. The IBMS allows for remote configuration to minimise energy consumption and to meet various functional needs across multiple events.

Similarly, the IBMS will monitor ambient lighting outside the Centre to decide when to switch on lights indoors, and monitor activity inside the Centre to help decrease unnecessary lighting. Moreover, in the case where a room is left unused, the IBMS will bring in external airflow for ventilation while filtering out humidity, thereby removing the need for air-conditioning in the room. This reduces the load on the chiller plant while meeting the required sustainable thermal level.

Read our Sustainability Policy here.


Sustainability Vision:

To build sustainability and ecological awareness directly into the DNA of Suntec Singapore

Sustainability Missions:

  • Energy efficiency

We will be using 80% less energy on Level 4 and 6 resulting in an annual savings of up to 1.46 million kwh, which is the equivalent to powering 470 Singapore HDB flats for a year.

  • Environmental protection

Annually, nearly 8,000 litres of cooking oil is being converted into top quality biodiesel which, if not properly disposed of, could contaminate up to 160 million litres of water.

  • Other green features and innovation

Depending on the scheduled activities and existing environmental conditions, the IBMS monitors and modifies air-conditioning settings to maintain ambient temperatures in all halls and meeting rooms.


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